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Your Internet of Everything partner

What can you do to meet your customer needs in the future?

Large library of devices

With our large library of devices, you can offer your clients the right device designed for your customer's needs. SmartPlatform support specialised on devices designed for safety, asset and hospital management.

Cost and time effective

Our Internet of Things services provides the most cost effective and the fastest way to go live in the industry. The reason is that we are using our SmartPlatform infrastructure and services already in operation.

Shortest time to market with our solutions

We have great experience implementing and designing services for partners and their customers. This is useful experience to implement our Internet of Things services in the most effective way.

What is Tellu SmartPlatform?

SmartPlatform is an intelligent Internet of Things cloud-based service that gathers data from GPS- and other devices. Data is processed by rules and other mechanisms designed to meet the different needs of industries, partners and individual customers.